A little champagne, lots o' velvet and some beautiful new friendships. Sounds like my kinda holiday party.

This day was truly wonderful for me. First, let me just say that I am always thankful for opportunities to make new friends. Not to get too heavy (or as my fav podcast lady Grace Helbig says, "not too deep!") but a crazy series of events in my life kinda forced me to start over in the friends category. When I moved to MPLS for college, I was lucky to keep one close friend to share good and bad times with, including weekly sleepovers, cause you're never too old for a chick flick, a face mask and some fantastic junk food and you know it...

But when I started my next semester at the U, I realized how easy it was to make acquaintances but how incredibly difficult it was to get close enough to be someone's true friend. And having a true friend is really important. Someone you can be goofy with, share crazy, disgusting, way too personal stories with and someone who will listen and truly care when you're struggling. That's priceless.

Anywhoodle, making real friends is hard and one of my goals this year is to spend time making new friendships that can (*hopefully*) last a lifetime. I want to listen more and talk less, send a msg their direction instead of hoping they'll reach out to me and I want to be thankful for the friendships I do have. 

Whew!!!!! I promise the deep stuff is over. But I do feel so lucky to have created something beautiful with these fantastic ladies. They are all lovely souls and hopefully lifelong friendships. And heck, we even got to play in the snow, cause why not…

Photographer: Aurora Grace Photography

Models: Lindsay Gorman & Meg Decker

Make-Up Artist: Lady Vamp Artistry

Jewelry: L. Shoff

Florals: Sister Honey Floral Co

Décor: On Solid Ground Vintage Rentals

See the full gallery here: Velvet Holiday